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JASS Awards for Individuals

About The Award

JASS Awards is a progressive learning programme for children and young people, it has four sections, different levels of achievement and offers several key benefits:

    • The scheme is typically for 10-13 year olds and therefore ideal for older primary school children and transitioning to secondary school.
    • There are three possible levels (Bronze, Silver Gold), with four sections (Adventure, Get Active, Stay Active, My interests, Me and my World) which provides a broad level of flexible engagement and progression that could also transition into other awards.
    • The cost of this Award is £10 per child – which is payable on line. Progress through the award is recorded through an online account, together with receiving achievement certificates and badges when completing an award section and the full award.

The scheme promotes a range of worthwhile outcomes including learning new skills, team building, leadership & thinking, increasing confidence & self-esteem and accreditation for your children.


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