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Schools Outdoor Learning Adventures

Let us bring the adventure to your school grounds…

From 1 September 2020 Notts Outdoors will be offering activity sessions at your school grounds. We can provide a wide range of activities that we'd normally deliver from our day and residential centres. Our activities enrich the curriculum and engage learners in a fun way. We will provide qualified and experienced instructors or teachers with all the resources required to deliver an outdoor learning adventure in your school grounds.

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, our team at Notts Outdoors has been working with children of key workers in schools, and those returning to school following restrictions. We've received some great feedback about our SOLA days - here are just a couple of examples:

“The children loved it and got a lot from it! Katie was fab with the children - all activities clearly explained and pitched to age groups. Very good linking to COVID-19 procedures, eg hand sanitising children regularly.” Holly Primary, June 2020
"I just wanted to say how much we all enjoyed your [SOLA Victorian Day] visit on Tuesday. The children haven't stopped talking about it and they have learnt so much! However, they did agree that they would rather go to school today than in Victorian times! I hope that things return to normal soon and maybe next year we will be able to visit you at Perlethorpe." Cropwell Bishop School, June 2021

Outdoor learning is suggested to significantly reduce any risk of COVID-19 transmission, and as part of Nottinghamshire County Council our programme of activities has been reviewed and endorsed by the authority’s Health and Safety team under the guidance of Public Health England. Schools Outdoor Learning Adventures (SOLA) activities will continue to remain under constant review in light of the government's and Department for Education’s COVID-19 guidance.

Whether it's adventurous or curriculum based we have a wide range of activities to select from. To make an enquiry about any of the following activities simply complete the form at the bottom of the page.

Get a sneak peak at what's on offer with our SOLA days...

Robin Hood and Medieval Life

The Vikings

World War 2


Find out about our activities

Our curriculum-based activities are £300 (1 class) for half a day and £500 (2 classes) for a full day

Forest Schools

Immerse your children in the discovery and appreciation of the outdoors.  We can provide one session as a taster day or ideally 6 half days over the half term for the children.

Vikings – Invaders and Settlers

Working alongside the National Curriculum the children will hear stories of the Norse warriors in England and learn where they came from and why they came.

Robin Hood and Medieval Life

Your school can become part of the legend in this 2 Hour immersive Robin Hood experience. Learn about medieval life and how the outlaw became the legend we know today.

The Stone Age

Become  a tribe of hunter gatherers, and immerse your class in a hands-on pre-historical experience! National Curriculum link from Year 3 British History: Stone Age to Iron Age.

Rocket Science

Hands-on practical science experiment on your playground or school field! National Curriculum science link for physics for Year 5 and 6 looking at forces and practical testing.


Use aerial images and other models to create simple plans and maps, using symbols. Participate in team games KS2 Use 8 points of the compass. National Curriculum Links: KS1

Our adventurous activities are from £365 per day.

Climbing Wall

Calling all budding young super heroes, our mobile climbing wall brings the exhilaration of the rock face to your school grounds for fun, challenge and team work.


Build confidence and balance on our mountain bikes, negotiating a range of portable ramps and obstacles. Add an extra sense of achievement for your pupils though attaining a nationally accredited award.


Nottinghamshire is the home of Robin Hood so let us bring along our archers for a fun, inclusive and challenging activity, where pupils will get a strong sense of personal achievement as skills and scores improve.

Team Building/Problem Solving

Challenge creativity thinking in a fun and dynamic way. This a great way to improve communication, problem solving and leadership skills.

Find out more about our adventurous activities [PDF]

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Interested? Get in touch and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

To help us plan the activity, please describe the size of your school grounds in comparison to a football pitch (105 by 68 metres).

Please provide any other information or details of anything you'd like to ask us here.
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