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Our Planet Our Problem (KS1)

What would an alien think of our world?

Let's take a step back from the everyday to see what humans and our way of life are doing to the world through storytelling and roleplay. Your class will get to learn about how far our food comes from around the world. What's more, see firsthand what happens to our rubbish in our small landfill site and the importance of recycling in an immersive way.

Suitable for:
1/2 day
Available at:
  • On arrival one of our tutors will welcome your group to the Centre and go through the schedule for the day, learning objectives and health and safety issues.

Session A: Usually led by Centre teacher

  • Where does our food come from?
    The children will have a go at a Food Miles orienteering challenge
  • Plant your own food by making your own bio-degradable plant pot and planting your own beans. If there is time and the planting season is here, then why not help in the allotment
  • What happens to our rubbish? Dig up buried rubbish and look at how long things take to degrade in our Landfill activity
  • What happens to our rubbish?
    Dig up buried rubbish and look at how long things take to degrade in our Landfill activity

Session B: Can be led by either Centre teacher or visiting teacher

What can you recycle?

  • Your class will start the session by enjoying the story of “Zogg”
  • We'll then head outside to act out the story of Zogg and make our own artist palette of the colours of the season
  • Time to get creative, in the classroom children will create their own Eco Bird using recycled materials
  • Tidy away

Please note activities may differ depending on centre.

  • Begin to understand that humans can have an impact on the world around us, either in a bad way: rubbish, landfill and pollution; and a good way by growing our own food, reusing or recycling
  • Develop teamwork and communication
  • Have fun whilst learning outdoors
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