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River study (Geography)

Come to Perlethorpe and walk in the river, here your class will get the chance to use river study equipment to discover important features including flow rate and invertebrate species. Whether they find a fresh water shrimp or the elusive Water Scorpion, the class will learn all about the River in a fun and exciting way. 

This activity is also tailored and available to study at A Level. If you'd like to find out more about these courses, get in touch. 

Suitable for:
KS2, KS3 and KS4
½ day session often combined with River Dipping
Available at:

On arrival one of our tutors will welcome your group to the Centre and go through the schedule for the day, learning objectives and health and safety issues.

KS2 half day itinerary:

  • Collect equipment, put wellies on and walk to River Meden
  • We'll separate the group into 4 groups
  • Demonstration of key activities
  • Each group to rotate around the different geographical techniques: flow rate, cross section, field sketching and identification of species
  • Then head back to the centre to get changed after tidying up
  • Optional addition of River Orienteering, using river features as controls and river sculptures

KS4, AS & A2 day itinerary:


  • Students will be asked: As geographers what factors can be measured?
  • What factors will change when comparing a straight piece of river to a river with a bend?
  • Followed by a Digital slide show on the different geographical techniques that are going to be used, covering flow rate, cross section, bedload size, wetted perimeter, gradient, depth and width field sketching
  • Demonstrate equipment
  • Activity supporting the teaching of erosion, abrasion, attrition, hydraulic action and corrosion
  • Walk to the river Meden
  • Followed by a study of straight river
  • Head back to the centre for lunch


  • Walk to the river Meden
  • Conduct study of the bend in the river
  • Tidy up / collect equipment
  • Back to the centre


  • Use river study equipment
  • Identify invertebrates
  • Learn key features of a river
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Some outdoor clothing and footwear is available at the Centre but please ensure children are dressed warmly with suitable waterproof outerwear. Please dress for the weather. Detailed activity sheets will be provided at the centre for group’s self-leading sessions. Please note all activity programmes may vary depending on number of pupils and their needs, length of visit and weather conditions.

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