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Robin Hood and medieval life

After being welcomed to Sherwood Forest your adventure into medieval England begins by following trails through Sherwood Forest that Robin would have used back in the 13th century. You and your pupils will be involved in role play and storytelling based in the medieval days, "To rob the rich to pay the poor". This will culminate in a visit to the ‘Major Oak’, steeped in myth and legend. Learn about the very secrets Robin and his merry men hid in it's branches. There will also be the opportunity to examine historical artefacts and create visual timelines. Come and experience Sherwood Forest through the eyes of Robin Hood. 

Suitable for:
KS1 and KS2
½ day
Available at:
  • Welcome by your centre tutor, and health and safety brief at St Johns Hut
  • Begin your adventure into Sherwood Forest and learn about medieval life, Robin Hood the legend and take part in stories as they are retold by your medieval guide
  • Visit the Major oak and learn all about it's hidden secrets. Discover the history of the ancient woodland of Sherwood and learn about how Robin and his men would have survived in such harsh times
  • Travel further into the woodland and look at historical time lines, handle artefacts and hear 
    more stories about the legend of Robin
  • If time allows children can try on medieval clothing, handle more artefacts and discuss life as a medieval child 
  • Head back to the centre
  • Understand how we used to live
  • Learn about different jobs in the medieval forest
  • Improve understanding of the legend of Robin Hood
  • Handle and discuss medieval artefacts
  • Gain an appreciation of the woodland environment
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Some outdoor clothing and footwear is available at the Centre but please ensure children are dressed warmly with suitable waterproof outerwear. Please dress for the weather. Detailed activity sheets will be provided at the centre for group’s self-leading sessions. Please note all activity programmes may vary depending on number of pupils and their needs, length of visit and weather conditions.

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