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Stone age

Your class will travel back in time to learn in a fun and engaging way, recognising changes in Britain from the present day back to the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages. They will learn what early Man needed to survive: Build shelters and find out what they ate back in prehistoric Britain. Build Stone-henge and discuss worshipping the Sun. Get creative and tell your latest hunting story using cave painting and ward away evil spirits from the log circle by making your own clay head. Make a pen to keep your animals in and use tools to make a piece of jewellery.

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Full day
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On arrival one of our tutors will welcome your group to the Centre and go through the schedule for the day, learning objectives and health and safety issues.

  • Walk back in time to the stone age site in Millennium Wood, hearing the time line of key historical events along the way.
  • In the log circle, discuss safety issues and working in Millennium Wood.
  • The group will build shelters, using natural materials or tarpaulin and change into stone age costume.
  • Once we have shelters built, the tribe will split into small groups and work together in a choice of activities. These can include:
    • Build a model of Stonehenge and worship The Sun
    • Tell the story of your latest hunt in a cave painting activity, where the class will examine ancient paintings then decorate a panel of cave wall
    • Target practice using lightweight spears to practice throwing and aiming skills
    • Willow weaving where you will create an animal enclosure using natural materials
    • Hunter gatherer orienteering where you will find out all about ancient food. Can you find all 10?
    • Woodland art using clay and natural materials to make sculptures to ward away evil spirits
    • Using tools safely to make their own necklace
  • Summarise the day’s events, tidy away and return to the present day.
  • Learn how humans lived in the Stone Age
  • Learn to use tools 
  • Develop team building skills
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Some outdoor clothing and footwear is available at the Centre but please ensure that children are dressed warmly and have suitable waterproof outerwear. Please dress for the weather. Detailed activity sheets will be provided at the centre for group’s self- leading sessions.

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