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Art in the environment

The natural world is full of pattern, colour, texture and symmetry. In this half day session, use the forest as an inspiration for artwork and the forest floor will become your canvas. Students will gain an understanding of the meaning of transient art and explore artists who create art using only natural materials.

Suitable for:
KS1 and KS2
1/2 day
  • On arrival one of our tutors will welcome your group to the Centre and go through the schedule for the day, learning objectives and health and safety issues
  • We’ll then walk to our outdoor woodland area where the tutor will discuss the meaning of Environmental art, talk about patterns in nature and how artists such as Andy Goldsworthy use natural resources to create art.
  • Activity one- Artist pallet. Collecting colours from the forest to create a pallet of colour. Discuss shades of colour and also seasons and how the colour of the forest will change.
  • Activity 2- Environmental art creations. Using the forest as inspiration, the students will go on a scavenger hunt and collect a range of natural materials so we can create our own art pictures. Look at picture examples of environmental art sculptures and discuss the meaning of transient art. In small groups, students will create art from their scavenger hunt items. Example ideas are: Create a Tree sculpture on the forest floor using natural materials or create animal pictures using wooden discs with animals on, as a starting point.
  • Activity 3- Leaf and bark rubbings- looking at texture and symmetry, pattern and colour.
  • Other art activities may be added if time allows.

Please note the itinerary may differ depending on which centre you visit.

  • Learn about colours and textures in nature
  • Enhance observation skills
  • Encourage students to be creative
  • Develops communication and team work skills
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Some outdoor clothing and footwear is available at the Centre but please ensure children are dressed warmly with suitable waterproof outerwear. Please dress for the weather. Detailed activity sheets will be provided at the centre for group’s self-leading sessions. Please note all activity programmes may vary depending on number of pupils and their needs, length of visit and weather conditions.

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